Wednesday, September 2, 2015

DIY nursery room decor "I want to bear hug you"

Free printable nursery room decor

Today I'd like to share with you a wall art I made for my friend's baby boy nursery room. It turned out so cute and lovely, that I printed to my son's room as well :-) First, I draw only a bear saying "I want to bear hug you". Then I thought, one print is not enough for a gift and added one more saying "Hello handsome". I like polka dot patterns, it suites anything.

If you are also a mother to a little boy and looking for a nursery room decor ideas, then it may be a perfect find! All you have to do is to download, print and frame.

How to download free printable baby wall decor for nursery:
1. Click on the image below. It will be opened in a new pop-up window.
2. Right click on the image and choose "Open image in new tab".
3. Save image from the new tab and print. Image size is 8x10.

Enjoy :-)
Best, Lena Dor

Free printable baby wall decor for nursery.
"Hello handsome"

DIY nursery room decor free printable.
"I want to bear hug you"

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