Friday, March 27, 2015

DIY: how to create wedding invitation in Word

How to create wedding invitation in Word using one of free Only by Invite templates from this blog:
  1. All my free wedding invitation templates are set to fit 8.5×11 paper and have two wedding invitations on page for economy printing. 
  2. Create a new 8.5×11 Word document with margins set to zero.
  3. Go to “Insert” –> find location on your computer were you saved the template and choose it.
  4. Now you need to place a Text Box to type your wording. Go to the “Layout tab”, in the “Insert” group, click Text Box. Now click and drag until the text box is the size that you want. You can  move or resize text box.
  5. Type and edit your text inside the “Text box”. Make your invite look fantastic by using your favorite fonts.
  6. Duplicate text box for the second invite.
  7. Save and print on the paper you think suits best for the design.

That’s it! Enjoy your gorgeous invites!

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